Sosil - Screen Filler Remover

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Cleaner and remover for Screen Filler and other Direct Draw blockers.
Easily remove Speedball Screen Filler or System3 Screen Block

The Sosil must be diluted in a proportion of 50gr. of product per 1 liter of water. This product has been specifically developed to remove Direct Draw blockers. It's the best alternative to Speedball's Speed ​​Clean.

200 g container powder, suitable for preparing 4 liters of Direct Drawing recuperator.

It very easily eliminates Screen Fillers and other blockers of Direct Drawing systems. Sosil is a chemical powder that is diluted in water to generate a product that recovers effortlessly, removing all traces of Screen Filler, leaving the screen mesh ready to be used again in a few minutes.

We know that the specific screen filler removers is not always as easy as the manufacturers claim. Sosil has been developed to be much more efficient than the official remover systems that the manufacturers themselves propose.

This product has been tested by the Vostok and Rittagraf technical team in collaboration with Químics Dalmau.

Sosil is only efficient with direct draw blockers like Speedball Screen Filler or Screen Block from Sistem3. It does not remove screen printing classic emulsions and therefore should not be used as a substitute for conventional removers.


The term Direct Drawing is used to designate a series of fluids that replace photosensitive emulsions.

These fluids set unconventional work guidelines, are applied directly on the screen and are used to create screen printing matrices without the need for machinery or photomechanical processes. Direct Drawing does not refer to a material of a specific brand, it refers to an indirect screen printing process in which various screen printing mesh blocking materials are involved. All the work prior to printing is done directly on the screen, without the need to produce positives or indirect films.

The result is almost immediate and does not require exposure. We usually talk about 3 fluids: a drawing liquid, a blocking liquid and a liquid to remover, in this case, the Sosil.

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