Ulano Rubylith Masking Film - 50x50 cm

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Red masking film to make manual photo stencil.

Get manual photoliths with defined profiles and clean contours with this high-quality inactinic mask. Rubylith® is a very technical material, used by professionals who work manually in the assembly of originals for screen and offset printing.

It is supplied in sheets of 50x50 cm or in a roll of 102x760 cm.

Rubylith masking consists of a thin inactinic film, wich is suited for use with ortochromatic films, coated onto a polyester backing sheet. These films can be cut manually or on a plotter to produce masks for film contacting and plate making and film positives for photographic stencil production. Rubylith® is the trade name, but this film for make positives is also known as  screen masking film or Ulano® mask, the American manufacturer of this product.

It is a highly technical material used in manual positive mounting workshops using photomechanical techniques: screen printing, offset, photogravure and polymer.
This material is ideal for making high-resolution manual originals for screen printing. Defined profiles are achieved and the technical limitations of digital films printing. Rubylith is used for offset lithography, gravure, flexography and secreen processes where ortochromatic films and plates are used.
This material is the one indicated if you want to work screen printing making originals manually.

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