Stamp Kit by Amaia Arrazola, Tribute to Miguel Bustos

Amaia Arrazola Stamp Set for children

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My Little Big Stamp Game: Origins of the Collaboration

The creation of this stamp kit called "Mi pequeño Gran Juego de Sellos" (My Little Big Stamp Kit Game) is the result of collaboration between the Rittagraf team and the artist and illustrator Amaia Arrazola, an unconditional lover of the world of rubber stamps. This project reflects this shared passion for stamps.

Often, ideas are born out of admiration for the work of others, and it is only fair to acknowledge it. In this case, the idea for this kit arose from a stamp and drawing workshop led by illustrator Miguel Bustos called "T'estampo la cara?" (Shall I stamp your face?), which Amaia attended.

Later on, Amaia Arrazola shared her enthusiasm by creating a similar set with her own drawings, resulting in a set of exclusive stamps for her daughter. After seeing the result and the interest generated by these rubber stamps, we were carried away by the impulse and, after refining some details to enhance the experience, we moved forward with this exciting collaboration. The result of all this is this exclusive and fun limited edition stamp kit with illustrations by Amaia Arrazola.

Although the designs are by Amaia, we recognize and appreciate the influence of Miguel Bustos in the creative process, as his stamps and workshop sparked the seed for this project with Amaia, which we have always considered and intended to be a small tribute.

As you can see, we haven't reinvented the wheel, but we have created a stamp kit that revolves around creativity, collaboration, and fun. With this kit, we aim to bring to life a game that inspires creativity by fostering a continuous and friendly dialogue between stamping and drawing. Additionally, we love being able to collaborate closely with other illustrators, artists, and creators with whom we can share new experiences by creating proposals that resonate with our work.

Highlighted Features of the Stamp Kit

Before delving into the details, let's take a look at the standout features of this stamp kit. With 24 unique acrylic stamps, versatile ink, and a specialized marker, this set is designed to foster creativity and artistic expression in all its forms.

1. Unique Stamps:

The kit features 24 acrylic stamps mounted on transparent bases that enhance visibility when composing images. Each design has been exclusively created by Amaia Arrazola. The acrylic bases have been crafted with smooth shapes that reflect the stamp they contain, improving stamp handling, especially for children*. These pieces allow for the creation of amazing portraits and shapes, offering endless combinations and possibilities to explore.

2. Quality Ink:

We include a Memento Luxe ink pad in black, with multi-surface application. This means you can stamp on paper, cardboard, wood, and fabric. The versatility of this ink expands creative possibilities, allowing you to experiment on different surfaces.

3. Posca PC-3M Marker:

Complementing stamp printing, the kit includes a Posca PC-3M marker in black. This element is ideal for adding finishing touches to your creations and adding precise details to each drawing. The Posca marker is permanent on any porous surface, including fabric.

Unique Presentation:

The stamp kit is carefully presented in a cotton bag manually screen-printed with the collaborative design of Amaia and Rittagraf so you can store all the stamps. The kit is delivered in a cardboard box screen-printed with Amaia's designs. This box provides an ideal space to store and protect your set of 24 transparent stamps, the marker, and the ink.

Note: Amaia Arrazola's stamp kit, "My Little Big Stamp Game," is intended for all audiences, but if children are using it, they should be supervised by an adult

Stamps to Create a Shared Creative Experience

"My Little Big Stamp Game" is not just a set of designer stamps or a collection of creative tools, but also an invitation to explore and share creative moments. Amaia and the Rittagraf team have enjoyed every moment of this process, and now, we invite you to join this modular stamp experience.

Explore and share a creative moment with "My Little Big Stamp Game" just as we have.

Creativity knows no bounds, and this kit is here to inspire you to explore each and every one of them!

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