Polymer Photogravure Workshop - Ramón Freire

Ramón Freire photoengraving workshop

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Presentation of Ramón Freire's Polymer Book

We have invited our great friend Ramón Freire to present his book on polymer, published by the University of Castilla la Mancha. He is an artist, educator, researcher, and holds a Ph.D. in Fine Arts. He is a distinguished professor of printmaking at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca (University of Castilla la Mancha), and also teaches and directs the Master's program in Printmaking and Design at the Casa de la Moneda y Timbre in Madrid.

Those familiar with his career know that Ramón Freire Santa Cruz, along with Juan Carlos Ramos, is one of the foremost experts and researchers in Europe on the use of polymer as a matrix for printmaking. The publication he is presenting, El acto gráfico como construcción. Positivo autográfico y plancha de fotopolímero, is a milestone shedding light on the use of polymer plates for intaglio printing. We will discuss his research work on these processes and how it led to the publication of this book, among other topics.

ramón Freire junto a la portada de su libro sobre fotograbado con polímeroramón Freire junto a la portada de su libro sobre fotograbado con polímero

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Photoengraving Workshop with Photopolymer Plates

We are taking advantage of Ramón Freire's visit to Rittagraf to offer a workshop on photogravure with polymer plates. Do you feel there are mysteries of polymer that elude you? Do you have doubts about screen rulings or types of plates? Do you want to make the most of your intaglio polymer plates? We will have the pleasure of attending a masterclass of the highest level, essential for enthusiasts but also for experts and educators in the field.

In this theoretical and practical workshop, Ramón Freire and Carlos Alguacil will review and unveil the mysteries of graphic editing using polymer plates. All technical questions about constructing the appropriate matrix for polymer printing using an intaglio press will be addressed. We will review the characteristics of digital positives, transmission capacity, how to retouch the digital image, how to manage the characteristic curve of the positive, how to perform proper exposure and development of polymer plates, as well as certain parameters to consider during printing with an intaglio press.

This workshop will showcase technical knowledge that we are confident will change your understanding of intaglio work using polymer plates.

Ramón Freire estampando un fotopolímero con un tórculo calcográficoRamón Freire estampando un fotopolímero con un tórculo calcográfico

® Ramón Freire

Estampa y plancha de polímero de Ramón FreireEstampa y plancha de polímero de Ramón Freire

Friday, April 5th

BOOK PRESENTATION: The Graphic Act as Construction. Autographic positive and photopolymer plate

  • 6:00 PM Free Admission Limited Seats.
  • Confirmation of attendance required.
  • Register at info@rittagraf.com

*After the presentation, we will offer a small reception with signature vermouth, Vermut Barbarum.


Saturday, April 6th, and Sunday, April 7th


  • From 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
  • Theoretical and practical workshop on photogravure with polymer plates.
  • Price: €90 Limited spots available.
  • Register at info@rittagraf.com

*The workshop will be accompanied by a small reception with signature vermouth, courtesy of Vermut Barbarum.

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