Emulsion Scoop Coater - Aluminium Dual Edge

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Scoop coater to correctly apply the screenprinting photo-emulsion on the screens.

Profesional dual edge emulsion scoop coater made of aluminum.

The scoop coater is the right tool to apply the emulsion evenly on the screen. An emulsion placed evenly and with the correct thickness for each mesh opening is essential to achieve good results.

This emulsion scoop coater is made of aluminum and has two different edges. Although the two edges can be used to place emulsion on the screen, the thick profile is suitable for applying emulsion and the sharper one can be used when it is necessary to collect or block screens.

The design of the plastic side covers allows the coater tool to rest horizontally on a work table. Said covers are fastened by means of screws, offering robustness. They can be removed to clean the scoop coater if necessary.

Choose the size that suits you best, keeping in mind that the emulsifier must be at least 3 or 5 cm smaller than the inside of the screen.

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