Murakami Aquasol Screen Printing Photo Emulsion

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Aquasol Murakami is a high quality screen printing emulsion for work with water-based inks and plastisol inks.

Blue water based emulsion. It does not need preparation or diazo. Easy recovered. Suitable for water-based textile inks, water-based paper inks and plastisols.

Aquasol Emulsion is highly appreciated for its versatility and easy recovery. Murakami Aquasol can be used to print with water-based textile inks, water-based paper inks and plastisol inks. This screen printing emulsion is ready to use and has a long shelf life: between 12 and 18 months. If we take good care of it, the emulsion does not have to lose any type of property during that period of time.

Aquasol is a high quality photopolymer emulsion considered of the SBQ type, that is, manufactured to be used without diazo or other components. Monocomponent emulsions, also known as pure photopolymer emulsions, are faster to expose. They allow to achieve results easily and quickly for almost any application and type of mesh. Aquasol is an all-terrain emulsion, very versatile and perfect for schools, individuals and workshops with professional, semi-professional and even home construction machines.

The Japanese brand Murakami pioneered the development and manufacture of SBQ-type photopolymer emulsions for screen printing. The Aquasol series revolutionized the emulsion market, being one of its flagships for a long time. Although the rest of the manufacturers have advanced in the manufacture of this type of emulsions and even Murakami has continued to develop variants of the same emulsion for different countries depending on the regulations or needs, Murakami Aquasol continues to be one of the most popular screen printing emulsions.

For extreme work and to improve resistance, it can be catalyzed with diazo, achieving an extra hardening. This process makes recovery impossible. The catalyst is not included in the emulsion and is delivered upon customer request.

Screen printing emulsions are one of the most compared and contrasted products in our catalog; continuously testing novelties and demanding results that are up to the task of our clients. At Rittagraf we are constantly recycling and for this reason we pass on our experience to our clients; proposing the products that we choose for our projects.

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More Information
Printing supportPaper, Textiles, Wood, Paperboard, Other surfaces
Emulsion Types1 component (SBQ)
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