Inkjet Polyester Film for Transparent Positives - Sheet

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Translucent polyester film sheet for inkjet positives.
Print your own professional trasnparent positives for screen printing and photomechanical with this special film for inkjet printers.

The face where the emulsion is housed is the one that must be in contact with the inkjet ink.

High quality product certified by the Rittagraf technical team.


Available in DIN A4, DIN A3 and Plotter roll formats.

Make your own professional transparent positives for screen printing, photoengraving, offset and cyanotype with these polyester sheets, especially for inkjet printing. These translucent-looking inkjet polyester sheets have incredible image transmission power.

After testing many brands and manufacturers of polyesters films, we determined that this is the highest quality and best priced inkjet film we can find on the market to make transparent positives.

With these polyester sheets you can get professional quality positives with any inkjet printer. Suitable for any type of work where the use of printed photolithos is necessary: ​​screen printing, offset, flexography, photoengraving and even cyanotype, van dyke and techniques close to photography.

Each of the sheets contains a specific emulsion to collect the inkjet printing ink. This emulsion is much thicker and more stable than other polyesters films for this use. The milky appearance gives it 85% transparency and is due to the special emulsion that allows the proper adhesion of inkjet inks. Its milky appearance does not interfere at all in the engraving of silk-screen printing or offset plates. In other more delicate photomechanical techniques, such as photo-etching, they will need to adjust exposure times. The stability of the milky emulsion improves the quality and opacity of the impressions. This polyester ensures optimal opacity and achieves defined profiles and the best print definition.

Inkjet polyester can be found in single sheets in A4 and A3 formats, in boxes of 100 units in A4 and A3 format, but also on a roll for use on a 61 cm plotter. Wide. For other measures and sizes, contact us directly.

Tested and verified by the Rittagraf ® technical team, it is the film for inkjet printing transparent positives with the best features at the lowest price.


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