ScreenBrush Decoating Brush

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Nylon screen brush to decoating and clean serigraphy screens.

Very resistant long bristle brush. Ideal for applying screen printing removers, antighost remover pastes and abrasive caustics. It can also be used to apply screen printing degreaser; in such a case, we recommend using it only for this purpose and not mixing with other chemicals.

Decoating brush to apply the screen remover and rub directly on the mesh.
Ergonomically shaped handle. Prevent hands from coming into direct contact with emulsion recovery chemicals. The brush, which has long stiff bristles, allows you to brush the screen vigorously without fear of tearing or damaging the mesh due to the rubbing of the bristles.

It could also be suitable for applying and spreading screen printing degreaser or another chemicals. The ideal would be to have a brush for each purpose but if this is not possible, a good cleaning is necessary before changing the purpose of use. This brush is resistant to anti-ghost chemicals, alkaline abrasives and screen printing solvents.

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