Polymer Stamp Making Kit

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With our Complet Kit for Made Polymer Stamps, you have all the essentials to kickstart your journey into professional rubber stamp creation. Make your own stamps like an expert from the comfort of your home!

A professional and portable kit that you can use for photoengraving and other photomechanical processes.

Discover the fascinating experience of crafting your own photopolymer stamps with our comprehensive kit, developed by our dedicated R&D team. Years ago, we proposed an easy and affordable alternative for creating rubber stamps in any space, using a UV nail curing machine for photosensitive material exposure. This manufacturing option, detailed in the book "Triunfar Estampando (Triumph in Stamping) written by our expert technician Carlos Alguacil, is now at your fingertips with our kit.

With years of experience in rubber stamp manufacturing, we back our commitment to quality and creativity. Our ongoing workshops and continuous refinement have perfected this kit, making it the ideal choice for those looking to delve into this exciting world.

This Stamp Kit includes:

Every material in this kit has been meticulously chosen, providing you with all the essential elements to create your own photopolymer stamps. This complete set has been tested and is an integral part of our workshops, ensuring professional results in every project.

Take this kit wherever you go and start creating photopolymer stamps like a true professional. Bring your ideas to life, explore your creativity, and enjoy the stamp-making process with confidence backed by our experience. Begin your journey into personalized stamping with our Comprehensive Polymer Stamp Making Kit!

Note: We recommend visiting our blog and checking out our tutorial on how to make polymer stamps for more information on the process and to maximize your creative experience.

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