Laser Polyester Film for Transparent Positives - Sheet

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Matte polyester sheet to make transparent positives with a laser printer. Translucent and slightly rough finish. It allows to be printed and worked on both sides.

Matte polyester film is also perfect for making manual positives with dry drawing media and liquid drawing solutions.

If used for digital printing, we recommend the use of Black Covering Spray to improve the intensity and opacity of the toner.

Translucent and matte polyester film sheet suitable for working with laser printers. Suitable for all types of laser printers and photocopiers that use photoconductor as an image fixation system.

With these film sheets you can make professional positives for screen printing, offset, photoengraving and other photomechanical techniques in which the use of opaque images on a transparent or translucent support is necessary. Although matte polyester is not 100% transparent, it does not affect the effectiveness of most techniques. You can simply leave a little veil in some delicate techniques like photoengraving. In these cases, we would recommend using more transparent supports, such as polyester for inkjet printing.

Before using polyester it is important to make sure that the printing technology that we are going to use is laser, not inkjet. To print with inkjet, you must use polyester suitable for printing with an inkjet printer.

The use of the Black Covering spray increases and intensifies the opacity of the laser print. We recommend testing because there are many chemical variations of toners and not all laser prints react the same way.

The matte polyester film is also ideal to make autographic positives. As it is a thermosetting material, it does not shrink or expand with changes in humidity or temperature. Roughness makes it possible to pick up and transmit graphic qualities of dry drawing media: pencils, china makers, wax pencils, lithographic crayons and others. The stability of the material allows to work also with liquid drawing media: markers, acrylics, gouache, India ink and other pictorial solutions. It even allows you to work with toner washes. Being a thermosetting material, the necessary heat can be applied to fix the toner without deforming.

Available in formats in A4 and A3 formats. Ask about the possibility of other formats.

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