Posca Marker - PC-8K Black

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Posca Marker for manual positives creation in screen printing and other graphic techniques. Water-based, completely opaque and versatile Ink. Suitable for all surfaces.

  • 100% Opaque.
  • Acrylic Beveled Tip.
  • 8 mm Line Width, Thick Line.
  • Water-based Pigmented Ink.
  • Adheres to All Surfaces.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Washable Tip.

Posca PC-8K is a broad beveled-tip marker, perfect for working on any material and creating various types of photoliths for screen printing or other photomechanical techniques. While originally designed for street art, graffiti, or fine arts, this marker has become an ideal tool for crafting manual photoliths. Its UV-resistant ink, made in Japan, ensures opacity in photomechanical processes. It adheres to non-porous transparent surfaces, such as acetates and matte polyester.

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