Toner Density Enhancer Spray for Laser Positives - Densitone 400 ml

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Laser Print Opaquer, enhances the opacity of film positives. Black Covering its a toner density enhancer spray for laser positives. This toner darkening spray darkens and fixes laser-printed images on translucent matte polyester for digital positives. Densitone is the perfect substitute for the well-known, now discontinued, Black Covering by Abezeta.

It provides an effective solution for obtaining high-quality film positives for screen printing, offset, photogravure, and flexography.

Introducing Densitone, a special spray to enhance the opacity of laser prints on matte polyester (semi-translucent polyester). This innovative solution is ideal for achieving high-quality film positives and optimal exposure in various graphic techniques.

Densitone works with most laser prints made on laser polyester. However, we recommend conducting tests, as effectiveness may vary depending on the type of toner used. Generally, mineral composition toners tend to yield better results. Be sure to check compatibility with your laser printer and specific toner for the best outcomes.

This new product has been carefully formulated to replace Abezeta's discontinued Black Covering. Experience improved opacity and quality for your film positives with Densitone.

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