Traditional Etching Ink - Cranfield - Mid Black 250 gr

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Traditional ink for intaglio printmaking. Engraving ink manufactured using traditional techniques and tools to achieve the best pigmentation and the best results printed with intaglio engraving techniques.

These inks are ideal for traditional printmaking techniques, including photo-engraving with a polymer plate.

These engraving inks are incredible to work with traditional calcographic techniques such as etching, aquatint, drypoint, mezzotint, intaglio. In addition, it is a surprising ink for more contemporary engraving techniques such as drypoint on plastic supports, additive techniques or photopolymer photoengraving.

Cranfield has created this etching ink from historical formulations that have hardly changed in generations. Traditional products and tools produce high-strength results in a wide range of colors for all types of intaglio.

Historical formulations of these inks contain intense pigments mixed in pure oils, resulting in quality engraving inks with excellent color mixing potential.

This family business has always been aware of the work of engravers and artists. They know the printing techniques and understand what particularities the ink used in each technique must have. This small English factory perfectly understands what artists need, putting their machinery and knowledge into operation to offer excellent engraving inks. For this reason, they remind us of it this way when they talk about its history: "Cranfield has never forgotten its artisan past. The machines and principles we use are the same ones that Michael's grandfather, our current MD, used generations ago, not out of simple nostalgia. "But because they are the best tools for the job. Today we combine our extensive knowledge of the art and commercial worlds, allowing artists to trust their materials and enjoy exceptional, long-lasting colour".

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