Traditional Relief Ink - Cranfield - 500 gr

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Professional relief ink of the traditional English Cranfield brand. Oil-based ink to apply with a rubber roller on relief engraving matrices.

This series of ink has been manufactured with traditional processes and products, obtaining as a result a traditional ink of the highest quality.

Cranfield manufactures its inks basing its formulations on its tradition and long experience, creating inks suitable for any relief engraving technique. This relief ink is created with radiant pigments that have been finely ground and mixed with the purest oils, thus achieving relief prints of intense colors that will last over time.

Suitable for applying with a rubber roller in linocut, xylography or synthetics blocks. Cranfield relief ink print the image with exceptional definition, respecting the finest lines and details.

Cranfield is a family business faithful to the principles of its beginnings. They continue to make high quality etching inks following the traditional methods that inspired their founder. This is how they define themselves when they talk about their heritage on their own website: "Cranfield has never forgotten its artisan past. The machines and principles we use are the same as Michael's grandfather, our current MD, used generations ago. , not out of simple nostalgia, but because they are the best tools for the job. Today we combine our extensive knowledge of the art and commercial worlds, allowing artists to trust their materials and enjoy exceptional, long-lasting color". In conclusion, if you are looking for a traditional engraving ink of exceptional quality, any series of ink from this brand will be the best option.

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