Compressed Lithography Sponge - Viskovita -13x7x3 cm

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Special cellulose sponge for lithography, offset and photographic processes.

Size once moistened: 13x7x3cm

Special cellulose sponge for lithography, offset, polyester plates printing and other graphic process. It retains moisture very well. Also appreciated for other photographic systems.

Some of the most important applications of the Viskovita cellulose sponge:

  • Apply gum arabic on stones and lithography and offset plates.
  • Apply the acidulation and fountain solution on stones and lithographic aluminum plates (algraphy).
  • Moisten lithography, offset and polyester printing stones and plates during the printing process. Maintains moisture evenly, leaving a thin film of water necessary for inking lithographic matrices.
  • Moisten engraving paper. Retains and distributes moisture evenly on any surface.

Presented in a pressed and dehydrated container, it acquires its shape once it comes into contact with water.

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