Polyester Litho Plates - Novadom MXP - Box 100 units

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Box of 100 units of desktop polyester sheets, an innovative technique derived from lithography and offset printing. Doubles sheet polyester works as a matrix, merging the advantages of offset plates and grained lithographic plates (algraphy).

Sheet size: 33x48.5 cm.

Technova's Novadom Polyester Sheets are perfect for making polyester lithography or polyester printing, a contemporary spin-off of traditional lithography and offset system. Allows you to create matrices by laser printing or by drawing directly on the polyester.

The manipulation of the plate is simple. You only need to transfer one image to the plate, which can be stamped multiple times like an offset lithographic plate or an algraphic plate. We offer the best option for transferring images using laser printing in the market for polyester plates for this technique.

This double-sided printable polyester plate has been designed by experts in offset, digital and analogue plate making, taking the printing industry to a new level.

It is also known as litho-plate or polyester litho plate, and is associated with different manufacturers' brands. Our plate stands out for its durability, stability and slightly transparent, which facilitates the drawing and registration process. In addition, we recommend consulting the book "Poliestergrafía: La litografía Expandida" by Juan Carlos Ramos and Bethania Barbosa for more information on this technique and the printing process.

Take advantage of our Novadom polyester printing plates and experience exceptional results in your creative projects.

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