Polyester Offset Plate - Novadom MXP - 33x48,5 cm

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Polyester sheet for polyester lithography, a technique derived from lithography. It serves as a matrix, combining features of offset plates and grain lithographic plates.

Sheet size: 33x48.5 cm.

The Novadom polyester sheet is highly valued as a matrix for polyester lithography, a contemporary derivation of lithography. It allows for image creation through laser printing or autographic drawing using various materials.

Manipulating the plate is simple. Just transfer an image onto the plate, which can be printed multiple times like an offset lithographic plate or a grain lithographic plate. The plate offers various options for image transfer, whether by directly drawing with different materials or printing with a laser printer. Among all the polyester plates for this technique, this is the best choice for laser printing image transfer.

This printable polyester plate (on both sides) was designed by experts in the manufacturing of offset, digital, and analog plates, taking the printing industry to a new level.

This plate, manufactured by Technova, is likely one of the most popular ones in the dry toner transfer (DTT) technique. It offers greater durability and stability compared to other plates in the market. Its slight transparency allows for tracing and facilitates the drawing and registration process. It is also known as a litho-plate or polyester litho plate and is sometimes associated with different manufacturer brands.

To learn more about this plate and delve into the printing process, we recommend checking out the publication by Juan Carlos Ramos and Bethania Barbosa, specialists in the field, titled "Poliestergrafía: La litografía Expandida".

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