Screen Printing Starter Kit for Fabric

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This textile screen printing kit includes the basic materials to start printing your own designs on fabric surfaces. Start stamping with the minimum investment and the best ecological materials.

With this screen printing set you can start working on artisanal textile screen printing with professional materials and water-based inks suitable for handling at home.

With this kit, you can start your journey into textile screen printing and set up your own home workshop. Rittagraf has carefully selected essential materials at the best price. This textile screen printing starter set allows you to take your first steps in this printing technique. It includes all the necessary materials to start printing your own designs on garments. The products in this kit are of high quality and environmentally friendly, making them perfect for working at home or in small spaces. The inks and emulsions are safe and of great quality.

The Textile Screen Printing Starter Kit includes:

Start exploring textile screen printing with this comprehensive and practical starter kit. Create unique and personalized designs on your own garments!


  1. pantalla de serigrafía de marco de madera
    Screen Printing Wood Frames 30x40 cm
  1. Unisol photo emulsion for srcreen printing, small Rittagraf container
    Unisol Screen Printing Photo Emulsion
  1. tinta de serigrafía textil ecológica laca en envase pequeño de 500 gr
    Fabric Screen Printing Ink Opaque - Basic Color 0,5 Kg
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