Direct Drawing Screen Printing Kit

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Direct Drawing Screen Printing Kit.
It includes everything that Rittagraf considers necessary to implement this way of working with screen printing without the need for photomechanical processes.

Kit suitable both for textile printing and for starting out in graphic production on paper.

Discover our Kit based on years of experience in the creative development of this screen printing process. This Kit includes 3 innovative materials and all the essential elements to start with this manual screen printing method.

The Kit includes:

The term Direct Drawing describes the creative action that can be achieved with these materials. This method allows working without photomechanical processes, using various controlled plastic techniques with the Drawing Fluid, such as brushes, nibs, refillable markers, stencils, and masking techniques. Additionally, all the work is done directly on the screen, without the need for producing photostencils or indirect films.

For more information about the Direct Drawing system for screen printing, we recommend visiting our blog and reviewing the following posts and tutorials:

Embark on a creative screen printing journey with our comprehensive and versatile Direct Drawing Kit!

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