Advanced Screen Printing Kit for Textile

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Advanced kit of materials to start doing textile screen printing.

In this screen printing set, Rittagraf proposes a series of essential screen printing materials and tools to get started in the world of screen printing for textile printing with water-based inks.

With this screen printing set you can start working on handcrafted textile screen printing with professional materials and water-based inks suitable for handling at home.

For this kit we offer 10 colors of textile lacquers from which you can choose 2 and combine them as you wish. Rittagraf lacquer inks are high-quality water-based inks, suitable for textile printing on both light and dark fabric backgrounds. They are very opaque and resistant to washing inks. Good elasticity and soft touch.

Complete kit for screen printing on textiles. With this screen printing kit you can provide the best materials and tools to set up your own screen printing workshop. Rittagraf has selected the best materials to get hold of a Kit for printing serigraphy on textiles in the most professional way but with a proposal that is most configured for the economy of those who are just starting out. With this kit you can start working and take your first steps in screen printing. You will only need an actinic or insolating light machine, either professional or home-built. All the materials included in this screen printing set are water-based, ideal for working at home or in small spaces. The inks and emulsions are harmless and of high quality.


The Advanced Screen Printing Kit includes:

-Pair of hinges

-Photopolymer emulsion Murakami Aquasol 1 Kg

-Professional double-edged emulsifier and screwed belts. Aluminum construction 35 cm.

-Kiwo CF 70 recuperator to manufacture 4-5 liters of emulsion recuperator.

-Squeegee 35 cm. with a yellow profile, especially for textiles - 65 shores durometer.

-40x50 cm wooden frame screen printing. -interior- 43 threads.

-2 Rittagraf Lacquer Inks for textiles of 500 gr. to choose between: Opaque White, Black, Medium Yellow, Light Blue, Scarlet Red, Bright Red, Light Green, Petrol Blue, Pink and Turquoise. Combine two of these textile colors as you see fit.

-Takter 1000 textile adhesive spray.

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