Liquid Gum Arabic 1 L

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Liquid gum arabic for professional use for lithography, offset, polyester plates and other graphic techniques.

Format 1 liter.

Gum arabic is one of the most important chemicals in processes that share the logic of lithography: stone lithography, grained plate lithography, positive plate offset or polyester printing. The dilution is mainly intended to be used as a protector and stabilizer for offset plates. Its high concentration also makes it optimal for use in chemical processes and protection of stones, grained lithographic plates, or polyester printing plates, it is also ideal for making reservations with a brush or on the same plates, stones or litho-polyester.

Manufactured for the printing industry by Fujifilm, this gum arabic can be made denser with powdered gum arabic if necessary. Packaged in 1-liter formats to make its application and storage more comfortable, ensuring a good conservation of the product.

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