Poliestergraphy Book - J. C. Ramos & B. Barbosa

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Do you know about Polyester Lithography? In this publication, you will find comprehensive information on the technique of polyester lithography: how to work with plates, what materials to use, and how to ink and print them. In addition, there is a historical and thorough analysis of this contemporary artistic practice.

Authored by educators and researchers Juan Carlos Ramos Guadix and Bethânia Barbosa.

Juan Carlos Ramos Guadix and Bethânia Barbosa, in collaboration with the University of Castilla-La Mancha Publishing, present this comprehensive work on the historical, aesthetic, and technical development of polyester lithography plates.

This book opens up a world of possibilities and alternatives to traditional lithographic procedures. Fine Arts professors Juan Carlos Ramos Guadix and Bethânia Barbosa conduct an exhaustive historical study of the development of this technique, delving into the creative processes and best practices to maximize its potential.

A magnificent and essential publication for gaining an in-depth understanding of the use of polyester lithography plates.



"This book is designed as a resource for both beginners and professional lithographers and printmakers. Lithography students will undoubtedly find it an indispensable tool for understanding and approaching lithography from a contemporary perspective. Along with instructions for each of the proposed techniques, valuable guidance is provided to address and prevent problems.

In recent years, the shadow of toxicity has emerged as a significant concern for printmakers. In this work, less toxic lithographic procedures are developed, which we would dare to call harmless or environmentally friendly.

Polyester plates allow us to work quickly, directly, and with complete creative freedom. Unlike traditional procedures, these plates enable us to emancipate technical discourse in favor of creative expression."


Juan Carlos Ramos Guadix and Bethânia Barbosa's book has been published in Cuenca by the University of Castilla-La Mancha Publishing, in the Caleidoscope Collection.

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