Ink Rubber Roller for Engraving - 15 cm

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Semi-hard engraving roller with a wooden handle. Red rubber roller ideal for linoleum, woodcut, and applying ink on other relief printing plates such as soft cut, blue carving.

  • Sturdy roller with a width of 15 cm.
  • Diameter of 5 cm.
  • Varnished wooden handle.

Discover the versatility of this 15 cm wide engraving roller, designed by the renowned German manufacturer Abig. This semi-hard roller with a wooden handle is ideal for various techniques, from linoleum to woodcut or letterpress, providing precise ink application on relief printing plates, such as soft cut and blue carving.

The 5 mm red rubber sits on a rigid plastic core, supported by a galvanized steel structure with raised legs for easy use. Lightweight and manageable, this roller is compatible with a variety of inks, including water-based, traditional oil-based, offset, and special inks like Speedball block printing ink for fabric.

For effective cleaning of rubber rollers, we recommend our eco-friendly cleaning oil Novasol. Note that, due to its plastic core, it is advisable to avoid solvents that may damage the internal structure.

This 15 cm roller is part of our collection of manual printing tools, which includes additional sizes to suit your artistic needs. Harness the professional quality of these rollers and enhance your engraving experience.

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